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How You Can Benefit From Having an Accountant

Of course, this blog is merely all suggestive, but these are reasons where having a trusted outsourced accountant or even a whole outsourced accounting team who knows both you and your goals could be one of the most beneficial decisions you could make. There are 5 reasons listed in this post for both personal and business situations.

1. Tax Preparation

If you find yourself with a more difficult tax situation and receiving papers with letters and all sorts of numbers on them (1095s, W2s, 1099s, ETC.) you might need someone to sit you down and complete your tax return with you. A good accountant/ tax preparer will offer tax advice once they complete your tax return but will also be available year-round to help you with simple things like changing your W-4 or more complex things like helping guide you through major financial decisions and the tax repercussions of those decisions! For individual tax preparation, an accountant can use various types of analysis and apply the current tax code, to ensure you are taking the tax deductions that are allowable and applicable to you. An accountant can also help you plan accordingly during the tax year to help minimize your taxable income and/or to ensure you are withholding the proper amount of taxes.

2. Consulting

A good accountant will be able to give you advice about your personal finances or investment account. They can also help you plan for your next tax season or prep for some tax liability of an asset sold or bought. Whether you want advice about personal finances or help with how much of a home or car you can afford to purchase, a good accountant will listen and ask the right questions that lead to solutions.

3. Could Save You Money

This benefit goes along with the tax preparation and the consulting benefit. But well-qualified and experienced accountants can help you make note of important life changes that could benefit you when tax season rolls around, when you are selling your home, or your business etc. If you have a business, outsourcing your accounting could also save you on a lot of costs. Instead of hiring an employee in house to pay, offer benefits, and training, you can delegate all that responsibility to an accountant and invest that extra money back into your business.

4. Business Advice

If you want your business to grow, starting up a new business, or even if you have somehow found yourself with an unexpected trust account, you will benefit from the advice of someone who has seen the situation you are going through, but will also do the due diligence to make sure what you are doing now is the best solution for your unique situation.

5. Peace of Mind

Having an accountant to talk through all your personal and/or business financial situations and assuring you of the best tax moves for your budget will offer you a definite peace of mind. Not every small business or individual has the time, energy, or staff to monitor or carry out accounting, payroll, reporting, or tax responsibilities, that’s where having an accountant who knows you and your situation will leave you with the absolute peace of mind that they will help you reach your financial goals.

What should you do next if you could see yourself needing an accountant for one or more of these reasons? Give us a call! We can be reached by phone at 618-281-9700 or 417-833-8811 or by email at We would love to set up a meeting and begin helping you reach your business or financial goals as soon as possible. Contact us to learn more.


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